“Pigture Perfect”

Story by Sarah Murphy Robertson

Yes, the puns are abundant (Praise the Lard!) and their sunny open atmosphere incredibly comfortable and inviting, but take note: the food at The Perfect Pig is some serious business. Gulf Place’s newest restaurant, The Perfect Pig, takes the Seagrove favorite to the west side with the exciting opening of their second location on 30A.

“Beyond just the menu, we place value on truly feeding people. Their happiness; the laughter and chatter while enjoying a meal here, is food too” muses owner Vickie Miller. Vickie’s skillful prowess for creating a welcoming atmosphere is evident. She and her husband Jeff have been residents of 30A since 1998 and have been in the restaurant business for 35 years, but it was a love for BBQ and an initial dream for a food truck that led them down this current path. Their BBQ food truck business needed a commissary and its unused space spurred a gourmet market. Next thing you know, they opened the Seagrove Perfect Pig location. Even opening this second location was a happy accident as they passed by and casually noticed the space for lease and stars aligned.

Seating up to 80 when the weather warms and the patio opens, the space formerly occupied by Messina’s has been transformed into a tribute to all things pork. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a menu that is approachable and affordable yet also elevated and exceptional. More and more visitors from metropolitan areas are discovering our slice of paradise and “They know good food and they know what they like” Vickie explained.

Perfect Pig's Grilled Cheese with avocado and bacon.
Perfect Pig’s Grilled Cheese with avocado and bacon.

I asked Vickie what I should order for lunch and without hesitation she began describing their mozzarella grilled cheese sandwich encrusted and griddled with parmesan and served with the optional (yet must-have) avocado and bacon. Owners know best, I astutely assessed, and selected her recommendation. This sandwich is everything a classic grilled cheese or BLT would aspire to become. Take your version’s vision and it is likely akin to a high school quarterback. Then try theirs: instant Hall of Famer. The golden parmesan crust works with every gooey/crispy/creamy/fresh component in perfect harmony. Simply great eats.


Perfect Pig's Pulled Pork Sandwich
Perfect Pig’s Pulled Pork Sandwich

I also tried their pulled pork sandwich. This is some profoundly delicious Q – tender and smoked to perfection and served on a buttery brioche roll with their house-made sauce. Again, approachable yet exceptional food.

Our restaurant scene on 30A is continuing to grow and evolve, and with gems like The Perfect Pig placing focus on an overall quality experience for their customers, prepare to hear the squeals of joy.