Bistrology: An international study of good food

Brunch restaurant draws inspiration from three continents

By Michelle Farnham
Oct. 4, 2023

MIRAMAR BEACH – Open since the Fourth of July, the brunch hotspot Bistrology lives up to its name. Bistro: a European eatery owned by management, and -ology: a subject of study.

With its highly visible frontage on Highway 98, the months-long remodel of the former Jordano’s Pizza drew a lot of attention as owners Henry Guerrero and Jonatan Gallen – who have a construction company together – poured many hours and many dollars into their dream.

“All of the kitchen, the bathrooms, the flooring, the decorations: we put every single detail in this place from scratch,” Henry said.

The interior is well-appointed and makes a great place to hang out.

Plan extra time for your trip here, not just because the menu is extensive and warrants a thorough consideration, but because, as Henry puts it, Bistrology “is not a rushed experience.” Everything, from the food to the fresh-squeezed orange juice, is made from scratch and to-order, so don’t expect fast food wait times. Don’t expect food that tastes like fast food, either.

“Everything is homemade and it’s made fresh. All the time we try to explain this to the customer because our plates take 30 minutes to make. We don’t have anything pre-prepped or frozen,” Henry said.

“We want to make this a whole experience for our guests, so we have really great WiFi, we installed purse hooks on the tables, it’s beautiful inside – all these little touches make this a comfortable place to spend time.”

An outdoor patio with sunshades and fans is offered for those wanting to dine al fresco, and Henry said they can accommodate large groups with a reservation during the week.

Cappuccino is a delightful balance of espresso, steamed milk and foam.

Sips to savor

Bistrology proudly pours “art-made coffee,” either run through their espresso machine, lovingly dubbed “Emily,” or their Japanese syphon system, which is a show in itself. While Henry and Jonatan pride themselves on shopping locally for as much product as possible – especially the seafood and Florida oranges – the coffee is imported from the best destinations in the world: Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Rwanda by way of Destin Coffee. Enjoy it by the cup or take a Bistrology-branded bag, roasted and ground in-house, home with you.

For espressos, find the expected standards – Americano, latte, cappuccino and frappuccino – but also hot or cold versions of Nutella with Oreo crumbles, Pistachio with dulce de leche, and cinnamon topped with whipped cream and burnt cinnamon.

Robust bites

What about the food? Henry, who hails from Colombia, and Jonatan, a native of Spain, wanted to create a unique fusion of their cultures’ cuisines with traditional American brunch fare. Here you’ll find standards like pancakes, French toast, egg dishes and avocado toast, but with a decidedly international flare.

“We tried to make a fusion of Colombian and Spanish food, but using American food as the base,” Jonatan explained. “All the sauces and everything is homemade. We do everything here.”

Food is prepared by Colombian chefs with experience cooking for major hotels in the capital city of Bogatá.

Bistrology alfajores
Alfajores are a caramely South American treat.

“We’ve got a couple plates from south of America, like Peru, Mexico. We took the best from every country,” added Henry. A dessert case of Alfajores offers the traditional Argentinian dulce de leche cookies, too.

From the pancake menu, the Ham & Cheese Symphony leans in an unexpectedly savory direction, crowned with a sunny side up egg. If you’re after waffles, the Spanish Passion features Serrano ham and manchego cheese with a passion fruit glaze. Croissants and avocados each come stuffed, like the the Dulce de Leche croissant with singed marshmallow, or the Peruvian ceviche with shrimp and fried green plantains. More standard “American” flavors are available, too, including some gluten-free options.

Bring your appetite, as portion sizes are impressive.

“I’m a foodie guy,” Jonatan admitted with a laugh. “When I go to a restaurant and they serve a $30 plate, and it’s just a small plate, I hate that! I prefer to make a good breakfast with big portions.”

If you’re thinking more lunchtime fare, order off the sandwiches or burger menu. The Steak Brie Fusion comes with skirt steak, caramelized onion, brie and pesto mayo, topped with a fried egg. Or try the Lomo Saltado, a traditional Peruvian stir fry dish starring beef tenderloin, onions and tomatoes.

“We are really happy with the local people for the support,” Henry said of business, which has been booming since day one. “Of course when you open a business, you think it’s going to be successful, but not like this.”

Bistrology, located at 10004 Highway 98 in Miramar Beach, is open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. seven days a week. Reservations are available on weekdays. In addition to take-out, delivery is available through Uber Eats and Door Dash. Visit them online at

Photos by Michelle Farnham

Pictured at top: The Gallen Ciabatta Toast: A fusion of flavors from Spain treating two ciabatta bread toasts with an avocado base, burrata cheese, secret sauce based on paprika and caramelized peppers, all topped with a crispy pork belly.