amici • amigos • friends: Like dining with friends

By Pam Windsor
July 20, 2023

INLET BEACH – When the Corchis family opened amici 30A Italian Kitchen, they wanted to offer exceptional food in a setting that was warm, comfortable, and inviting.

“Our intention was to have a gathering spot for our local community,” family matriarch Amy Corchis recalled. “Obviously, it was intended for our visitors and tourists, as well, but we wanted to have a place that could become a mainstay, kind of a regular hang out for our community. And local support has just meant everything to us.”

Amy's meatballs
amici’s Italian fare includes Amy’s “famous” 30A meatballs.

With popular homemade dishes like Amy’s “famous” 30A meatballs, lasagna, fettuccine Bolognese and many others, it quickly became a local favorite.

“Our Lily’s chicken piccata is probably our top-selling dish since we brought it on the menu several years ago,” Amy said. “And our happy hour pizzas are a big deal for us, especially during dine-in happy hours, when all pizzas are 10 bucks a piece.”

They named the restaurant amici, which is the Italian word for friend. Several years later when they opened a Mexican restaurant right next door, they continued the theme and named it “amigos” – the Spanish word for friend.

“We named them ‘friends’ because my husband and I left home in 1991 and moved about 10 times due to his job before we settled here, and our friends became our extended family. So, it really pays homage to those friends who were there for us and supported us, lifted us up, celebrated our kids, and were there for the highs and lows. It’s friends who have really gotten us to where we are today.”

George – who retired after running resorts and casinos for 30 years – and Amy decided to open a restaurant business that would include their four grown children. Jordin, Nathan, Alyssa, and Lily are all actively involved.

“George is Mr. Hospitality for sure and he’s an expert in this field,” Amy said. “I feel really honored and blessed my kids get to learn from him because I think he’s one of the best.”

Like amici, amigos has quickly become a much-loved dining spot. Favorite menu items there include fajitas, honey sriracha chicken tacos, burnt end brisket tacos, burritos, more.

“Amigos has become a great sister property to amici. They play off each other really well and we have many of the same guests come to both.”

Honey sriracha chicken tacos
Honey sriracha chicken tacos mix sweet and savory flavors.

Fun on a bun – and to-go

The Corchis Hospitality group is now planning to add two more restaurants to the mix. One will be amici/amigos Takeout Kitchen and the other, friends 30A Burger Bar.

“The food is going to be great at friends,” said Amy. “It’s going to be burgers, chicken sandwiches, shakes, and that kind of nostalgia-type stuff my husband and I grew up with and miss very much. So, we’re super excited about that.”

They hope to have both open by early fall.

Amy said they want guests at all of their restaurants to experience fantastic food, terrific service, and the feeling that when you come inside to dine at any one of them, people are happy to see you.

“We have a phenomenal team. Most have been with us since day one. We don’t have a lot of turnover, which is awesome. So, whether our guests are visitors or locals, they get to know our team members. We remember them when they come back, and it really is a wonderful environment. We love what we’ve created here, and we love living here. It’s home to us.”

amici 30A Italian Kitchen can be found at 12805 US-98, Suite R101, in Inlet Beach. Reach them by phone at 850-909-0555. amigos 30A Mexican Kitchen is at 12805 US-98, Suite Q101, Inlet Beach, and their phone number is 850-909-0444. Both restaurants are open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit them online at

Photos by Chandler Wililams – Modus Photography