Seacrest Sundries Market & Cafe: Filling the void

The following article appears in the 2024 spring issue of The Food & Wine Guide for South Walton presented by 30A Food & Wine, available now on news racks around the area.

By Liesel Schmidt
June 4, 2024

SEACREST BEACH – As part of a new-urbanist community, 30A is an area known for its beauty, its luxury and its small-town feel. Set far off the beaten path of its nearest neighbors, it’s also an area that is somewhat exclusive in the businesses that serve it – making big-box stores and grocery chains an eyesore whose presence is kept outside the gates.

With that comes an under-served need, which was precisely the gap that Beje McCall aimed to fill when she opened Seacrest Sundries in 2009. Fifteen years later, she’s built her success on being one-of-a-kind.

Seacrest Sundries

“We try our best to fill gaps that we find in the area,” said General Manager Steven Fann. “To this day, there are almost no places to grab groceries on 30A without loading up in the car, so we’re able to help those that want to park it and leave it for the week!”

As ingenious – and invaluable – as the market side of the business is, McCall also saw an unfilled void in the comfort food concept for local restaurants when she opened her doors, offering visitors and residents a café that would fill their bellies.

“With so much great fine dining on 30A, we found a severe lack of good ol’ country cooking in the area,” Fann noted. “In the café, we focus on food like you’d get at a diner back home, and people love that it’s a quick bite to grab for lunch.”

As far as their menu is concerned, there are stand-outs that seem to be Seacrest Sundries’ claim to fame.

“For breakfast, everyone loves our burritos and our biscuits and gravy,” Fann said. “Lunch-wise, it’s hard to pick. Our chicken salad is so addicting, we call it ‘crack salad,’ and our burgers are some of the best on 30A. We’ve also got a BLT that some people come here to eat every single day. It’s the kind of food you break your diet for.

Seacrest Sundries

“There’s a reason everyone uses Southern cooking as the example when they’re talking about great-tasting stuff that you know you probably shouldn’t have but you absolutely get anyway. We know that our flavor always outweighs the guilt that may come after.”

For those things that won’t necessarily induce guilt, the market side is a convenient, reliable source for last-minute needs and various groceries to stock the pantry.

“We’ve got a little of everything you might need on your beach getaway,” Fann said. “Snacks, alcohol, medicine, toiletries: if you need it, you can probably find it here. Essentially, we’re like an old-fashioned general store, and we want everyone to feel comfortable when they come in. We don’t care if you’re wearing a three-piece suit or a swimsuit, as long as it’s not your birthday suit.”

All joking aside, theirs is an atmosphere that is welcoming and relaxed – unfussy. As Fann said, Seacrest Sundries is “down home” in its vibe, making it a unique presence amid the higher brow, more rarified air of so many of its neighbors.

“Sometimes people need a break from doing ‘high class’ stuff all the time,” Fann said. “That’s what we offer here.”

Seacrest Sundries

Seacrest Sundries is located at 10343 E. Co. Hwy. 30A, Suite F108, Seacrest Beach. Market open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. No reservations. For more information, call 850-588-4860 or visit Café open daily 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.