George’s at Alys Beach: More than a vacation hotspot

By Pam Windsor
Sept. 9, 2022

ALYS BEACH – George’s at Alys Beach offers guests an experience they’ll remember, and it starts as soon as they walk through the door.

“From the hosts and managers that meet you at the door, to our servers to our bussers, they make you feel at home,” said Executive Chef Camille Withall. “You feel the love and care of our service and that translates to our food, as well.”

Sesame crab
Sesame crab and avocado salad

Withall, a native of the Philippines, leads a talented culinary team in creating an expansive and flavorful menu that starts with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, with everything made from scratch. Guests return for popular dishes like the Sesame Crab & Avocado Salad for lunch, the Lobster Quesadillas for lunch or dinner, or the Jerk Crusted Gulf Snapper for the evening meal.

“In the Philippines, our food has so many layers of flavors and that’s how I like making our food here,” Withall explained. “Even if it’s a simple salad, every bite has so many flavors. And I love incorporating the backgrounds of some of my co-workers, too. Some are from Puerto Rico, Korea, and Jamaica, and they all have something to offer. Our cuisine is labeled New American because it’s modern techniques and fusions of different cuisines. So there’s always something new and exciting for different palates.”

She strives to offer something for everyone, so the menu features beef, chicken, and vegan dishes, along with a variety of uniquely prepared seafood dishes.

“We get everything in fresh every day. And we’re pretty spoiled where we live because we can actually serve what’s been swimming in the ocean that day. And I think that’s a big draw for people vacationing here. They know that by staying at the beach, with all of the fishing availability, they’re getting fresh seafood.”

Strawberry Tartine
Strawberry Tartine with fresh ricotta and arugula on rye bread

The menu changes with the season, so in the spring and summer, there are lighter options like this summer’s Strawberry Tartare for lunch.

“We get fresh strawberries from Louisiana, so it’s strawberries, fresh ricotta, arugula, and it goes on rye bread. And at dinner we have Tuna Tartare, and Yellowfin Tuna fresh from the Gulf. We toss it in a nice light lemon Dijon vinaigrette, accompanied with pickled vegetables and crackers.”

They also offer year-round favorites that guests have grown to love and expect, and that keep them coming back time and again.

George’s also has an extensive wine and beer list, and this year has begun offering premium batch cocktails. General Manager Sarah Hampton said the goal at George’s is to offer amazing food and drink, as well as a dining experience to remember.

“We have so many guests that save George’s for a special occasion, or come once a year or even several times a year,” she said. “It’s not just somewhere to eat while they’re on vacation. It’s really an experience and a special place to enjoy and they look forward to it. And that’s always good to see.”

And everyone at George’s seems to feel that way.

“We pride ourselves in what we do,” Chef Withall said. “Service, the food, and making sure everything is fresh and delicious. Our goal is to please people, make sure they’re happy here, and well fed and taken care of.”

George’s at Alys Beach is at 30 Castle Harbour Drive, Alys Beach. Open seven days a week, with lunch 11 to 3, and dinner 5 to 9. George’s does not accept reservations, but reach them at 850-641-0017 or visit