“Dishes of 30a- Stinky’s Stew”

Stinky’s Stew
Story by Sarah Murphy Robertson

Our ongoing column, Dishes of 30A, is all about taking the best and boldest of what 30A restaurants are creating and making sure everyone knows their intricacies. Novices and foodies alike will savor Stinky’s Stew at Stinky’s Fish Camp because it hits upon everything a seafood stew should be and is, simply, a showstopper.

Let’s talk about the base of this dish. The stock is layered with flavor from onions, celery and leeks, the gentle heat of red pepper flakes and garlic, and a briny umami from the shrimp and crab shells used. With the addition of fresh tomatoes, corn and beans, the resulting garlicky broth is not your typical bouillabaisse, but rather its own matchless masterpiece.

The stew’s seafood components themselves are rock stars – fresh gulf fish of the day, shrimp, crab legs, mussels and scallops. Each bring their own unique textures and flavors to the Stinky’s Stew Party and all are expertly cooked. Upon learning we were writing this story I was told time and time again this is the dish locals crave from Stinky’s. I agree and can confirm each bite is exquisite.

The stew is also served alongside half of Mema’s Crab Cake Po Boy. The crab cake is seasoned perfectly with lemon and a dash of Tabasco and then pressed onto New Orleans’ celebrated Leidenheimer bread. Place this order and you’re sure to get the tables next to you talking!